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Smile for the Phone

Having a camera handy on a cell phone makes for an eclectic collection of pictures.  Here are a few highlights from the last month.

Rotting Pepper
Rotting Pepper
Findlay, OH
September 2nd, 2009

Happy Crane

Happy Crane
1408ish South Main – Findlay, OH
September 6th, 2009

Women Sign
Men Sign

Bathroom Signs
Southbound Rest Area just North of Dayton, OH on I-75
September 22nd, 2009

Spooky Garlic
Halloween Garlic
Meijer – Findlay, OH
October 3rd, 2009

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More Pics for Cube Land

The first three are from Michigan’s largest bookstore, John King
Used and Rare Books
, up in Detroit.

After Movie
“The mess deck right after movie!”

Party at Grandma's
Party at Grandma’s – August ’66

Crazy Lab
“O. Ben in his Den – Under 2311 Gladstone Detroit, Mich”

The last one picture is a nice 6×8 from the Maumee Antique Mall.

Office Ghosts
Office Ghosts
Calendar on Wall: Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company – July 1915

One more nugget from the recent travels, Bloomdale, Oh has a kick butt playground with old school teeter totters, those crazy animals on springs and swings which I managed to get queasy on. Plus, trains seem to be temporarily stopping next to the park due to the construction at North Baltimore’s intermodal. I even managed to catch a few cars with the old Chessie System cat. The visit was a throwback to younger days for sure.

Here’s the Google Street view for those curious.

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Kseniya Simonova

Meet Ukrainian sand animation artist and winner of this year’s Ukraine’s Got Talent, Kseniya Simonova.

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School’n Time

I have a lesson for the person who tried to steal my hubcap while I was at work today.

Those four metal things in the middle are called lug nuts and they are used to hold other things together. They do a pretty damn good job wouldn’t you say?

Enjoy the dirty hands you dolt.  Test Monday.  Class dismissed!


Happy Labor Day

Celebrate the day with some insights from Mr. Dirty Jobs himself Mike Rowe then continue the party over at mikeroweWORKS.

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Word of the Day… Bodega

Cherie’s word of the day is Bodega

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Find Your Unwind

Work’s been crazy, Cherie’s teaching nights, allergies have been holding my nose hostage and I’ve been more caffeinated then I should be.  I’ve been a steaming ball of cranky lately struggling to unwind but tonight I’ve broken free if only for an evening.

Tonight’s recipe for those curious.  It’s one part Dortmunder Gold discovered in the depths of the fridge, one part Acoustically Delicious echoing throughout the house and an unsuspecting flower in a coke bottle to photograph.  The combination will never work again but it’s doing the job tonight.

Coke and a Flower

Coke and a Flower
August 25th, 2009

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Flick of the Hand

I let a truck pull out in front of me on the way home Friday. The driver showed his gratitude with a wave followed by a peace sign. The latter made my day!

Wood Man Sculpture
Wood Man Sculpture
My Kitchen
September 6th, 2008

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One Sad Cookie

One Sad Cookie
One Sad Cookie from Subway
July 15th, 2009

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Party has been Canceled

Party has been Canceled

Party has been Canceled
Harden & Main Streets – Findlay, OH
July 10th, 2009

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