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Cemetery Delight

When was the last time you walked around a cemetery? Funerals don’t count. I’m talking about a conscious effort to linger and observe. Look at the headstones, the names, dates, relationships and epitaphs. The stories are amazing. Here are two from the Union – Flick Cemetery outside of Benton Ridge, OH.

Robert Walter
Robert E. Walter/Union – Flick (Tawa) Cemetery – September 6th, 2008
Today is the 9th anniversary of his passing as well as what would have been his 50th wedding anniversary. I can’t help but wonder where his wife Janet is today and what she is thinking.

Simon Cramer
Simon Cramer/Flick (Tawa) Cemetery – September 6th, 2008
Simon passed because of lighting over a 157 years ago at an age of 40. How bad was the storm and what was he doing? We probably will never know.

These are just two but there are so many more.  Cemeteries are places of great intrigue and reflection.  Go for a drive or check out Grave Addiction for a virtual sampling. Beth does outstanding work documenting the history of Ohio and neighboring state’s cemeteries. You know she is good when she has captured cemeteries both where I live now and those from my childhood town some 4.5 hours away.

Duke's Cemetery
Duke’s Cemetery – September 6th, 2008

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