My world, for me but you can spy.

Chicago Cube Pics III

The most fun I’ve ever had searching for pictures was at the Broadway Antique Market. They had drawers upon drawers of photos and most were a quarter or less. I was in photo junking heaven!


Old Style Halloween





Devil’s Nose







Far Side Kid


334 S. George St.   York, Pa
MAY 11 1948″


“I hope you like these pictures”



“Sept. 4, 1936
Betty Jean Hipple in Carey’s Salt Mine At Hutchinson, Kansas
640 ft. belowd ground level”



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  1. sophia miller September 3rd, 2013 11:26 pm

    One thing I learned in my life from the way my parents raised me is how precious memories are.My parents didn’t have the money for high tech camcorders so they took tons of pictures of my brothers and me.A lot of times if it wernt for those pics I wouldn’t remember all that I did growing up.I love these pictures they are so beautiful.They are a peice of history.These people once lived or still are living and every picture was a peice of their life.They are a form of priceless art in my eyes.Its such a shame sometimes these precious memories and bits of peoples lives get tossed away for garbage.They are seen as meaningless in so many peoples eyes.Once my brother walked pass a older gentlemens house who had just passed and found tons of pictures that mans family (most likely grandchildren) had thrown out for trash.My brother raised like me, seen value in these pictures.A value that money couldn’t buy.Well anyway I fought with my brother to let me keep them seeing how I was the more responsible one and always took good care of my belongings.So he did and they have been in my possesion now for 15yrs.They belonged to a war world II soldier,and along with the pictures was a letter he had written after the war and kept until his death in 1999.They will be a precious part of my life as they we’re his.Its just a shame his Grandchildren and their children couldn’t have felt the same respect.

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